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More bookings and an easier process

  • Would you like more visits to your website converted to actual bookings?
  • Would you like customers to see availability for themselves rather than having to ask?
  • Would you like cash in the bank rather than the promise of a 'cheque in the mail'?
  • Would you like to spend less of your own time on the booking process?

The "booked and paid" system achieves all this with:

  • A "live" booking calendar
    - All dates showing as available, are actually available
    - There is no 'subject to confirmation' or 'pending' or any other complication.
    - All dates showing as booked are firm bookings with the deposit paid.
    - There is no opportunity for double bookings.
    - Everything on your calendar is
  • Instant online bookings
    - Click on a start date, click on an end date to show the booking
    - See the cost
    - Click the 'Book now' button and pay via credit card.
  • Instant online confirmation
    - An immediate automated email confirms all of the booking and arrival detail.

What's great about a "live" booking calendar

  • This is a rock-solid reflection - in real time - of all firm bookings and all available dates.
  • It is inextricably linked with the payment process so that it can't show dates as booked without receipt of payment.
  • It eliminates the possibility of errors in recording bookings.
  • It eliminates the potential for a double booking